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Do-it-Yourself Hardware Keyloggers

Do you want to build a hardware keylogger yourself? Here is a collection of free tutorials.

If you have written a free guide yourself (or if you know of a HOWTO not linked here), please submit a new entry.

DIY Keylogger [external link]DIY hardware keylogger. This guide presents the prototype version of a PS/2 hardware keylogger with full documentation, hardware electrical schematics, and firmware.
DIY Wireless Hardware KeyLogger [external link]The hardware keylogger concept inherits one weakness: physical access to the keylogger is needed. But finally this problem has got a solution: the Wireless Keylogger.
Hardware Decoder [external link]Do you wonder how, exactly hardware keyloggers work? Here is hardware decoder to do a little investigation.
JitterBug [external link]JitterBugs Could Turn Your Keyboard Against You, Steal Data.

Linux, Laptops, PDAs

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