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How to Clean, Upgrade, Repair, Mod, Disassemble an IBM Computer Keyboard

Do you need to clean, upgrade, mod or repair your IBM [external link] computer keyboard? Here is a collection of free take apart instructions, disassembly pictures, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and tricks for computer keyboards.

If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of a HOWTO or report not linked here), please submit a new entry.

IBM Keyboard [external link]KeyLights: taking apart this input deviced caused some trouble with a few hidden screws and their bases which were hidden under the keys. Well, just rip off those keys with a screwdriver and you can screw those screws. Besides the keyboard autopsy this guides explain how to illuminate the key caps with LEDs.
IBM LPFK Keyboard [external link]The "lightable programmable function keyboard - LPFK" is normally attached to a 5080 IBM graphics card for CAD purposes on RS/6000 machines running AIX. Because it looks so unique and nerdish, and has even LEDs in it, is a great idea to reverse engineer it to connect it to a PC.
IBM Model M Keyboard [external link]How to convert the keyboard to a "Post-Ban" Dvorak layout.
IBM Model M (Clicky) Keyboard [external link]Steampunk keyboard mod: the goal with this project was to build a retro keyboard that was fully functional and of a sufficient quality that it could be used everyday by a touch typist.
IBM PS/2 Keyboard [archived link]Modification for operation with some newer Pentium 4 motherboards.
IBM AT/PC Keyboard [external link]How to attach an external IBM-AT/PC keyboard to a Palm III PDA (in German).
IBM Space Saver II Keyboard (JP) [external link]An illustrated disassembly HOWTO (in Japanese).
IBM Space Saver II Keyboard (JP) [external link]An illustrated disassembly HOWTO (concise English Translation of the Japanese document).
IBM Space Saver II Keyboard (JP) [external link]Take apart, caps replacement and cleaning instructions (in Japanese).

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